Why Play Instant Win Scratch Card Online

Its the question that everyone keeps asking me “Why should I play instant win online scratch cards instead of the more traditional offline scratch cards games from places like the National Lottery?”  Well there are plenty of winning answers to this:

  1. On average One in Three online scratchcards played will instantly win a real money prize. This is a much greater chance of winning when you play online that the offline scratchcards.
  2. The prize money is generally higher with online scratch games, some scratchcard prizes are even over £100,000
  3. Its far more convenient and safe to play online scratchcards from the comfort of your home. Your money is transferred instantly into your bank account so you don’t have to carry around the cash.
  4. Online scracth cards can be played from as little as a few pence (or cents) to a few pounds! So there is a scratch card to suit every budget or every mood you may have.

Try playing some scratch cards for FREE before you stake real money!

Most scratch cards sites offer trial games that you can play for free, you dont win a cash prize but you can still see what the games are like, how they work, how often you can win etc etc and then pay for the games you enjoy or think that you have a better chance of winning big money.

Some play sites do require a registration, but you dont need to deposit any real money to play the free games.

Your third Card could win a $100,000;
By the time you have read this someone won on Prime ScratchCards