Scratch Tips & Tricks

Before Starting scratching Online there are few scratch cards tips & tricks we think you should know! We have been scratching online for long time, so pay attention and read carefully our tips & tricks and start winning while you are scratch cards online!

  1. Choose a scratch card game that’s suited to your budget.
  2. Decide on your weekly money limit. Never go over this (if you have trouble with scratch card addiction please visit
  3. Bank a portion of all your cash winning so that you build up a profit over time. Don’t always invest every single win into more scratch tickets because you will never win!
  4. Find No Deposit offers first! Start scratching with scratch sites that offers free money so you won’t waste your own money until you sure you choose the right site.
  5. Quit playing while your ahead. The scratch card game site rely on your being greedy and eventually losing all your money.
  6. Know when your on a losing streak. Luck comes and goes, if its not your day, then come back tomorrow.
  7. Once you’ve lost, don’t try to win it straight back, you’ll end up losing more.
  8. Don’t play scratch cards drunk! Never login to play on a gaming site when you’ve been drinking. Your judgment is impaired and you will be willing to take big gambles that you normally wouldn’t dream of taking.
  9. Stay small, The big win games are exciting but they odds are not as good as the smaller ones. Remember the tortoise and the hare.
  10. Take advantage of sign up bonuses! There is nothing to stop you signing up to all the scratch cards sites and playing with the free bonus that many sites will offer.