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Published on September 7, 2010 at Scratch Cards Sites

Not really a Scratch Card Game, however something we feel most of you guys might be interested in:

eToro is a fantastic online forex trading platform, possably the best i’ve seen. It was created to appeal to the retail forex market (i.e. personal users not corporates). It’s really easy to use for traders that are just begining and for experenced traders. They provide loads of great tools to help you select which currency pair to trade in and even gives you timings to enter and exit your position.

With its simple style and exciting trade visualizations, eToro is the perfect platform for a novice forex trader to get his first forex trading experience. With its great array of professional forex trading and analysis tools, eToro is also the perfect platform for experts in the field who want to trade comfortably and reliably. eToro has developed a truly intuitive interface that lets traders concentrate on trading currencies instead of messing around with bulky and over complicated software.

It’s important to mention that eToro also offers an educational experience, so beginners can gain knowledge of the forex market and eventually become pros if they’re so inclined. eToro offers forex trading guides, forums and video tutorials to facilitate beginner traders to progress and get the best possible returns. eToro also offers an unlimited practice mode where both beginners and seasoned Forex traders can sharpen their skills and test their strategies with real market rates.

Overall eToro have successfully designed a software that caters to a very wide segment of the forex trading public. eToro is bound to remain a leader in the forex industry for a long time to come.

eToro’s features:

Visual representation of trades: Monitor your trades with ease by watching creative visualizations of your trading activity.

Practice mode: Test your skills and strategies by trading with live rates, without risking a cent.

Trading Challenges: Compete against fellow forex traders for cash prizes – with no entry fees.

Commodities Trading: Trade the precious metals such as Gold and Silver on the eToro platform.

Low Spreads: Save a fortune on eToros super low spreads – as low as 2 pips.

WebTrader: Enjoy real time immediate execution with all your forex trades using the Webtrader that doesn’t require the platform download.

eToro’s Pro Insight: Get a look at what currency pairs eToro’s top 100 traders are trading at the moment, and use the inside info to your advantage!

Download eToro for FREE and join a fast growing forex community.

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