Could there be a Scam on the Horizon at Pariplay Sites

Published on March 5, 2013 at Scratch Cards Sites

You choose sites like to find you oodles of the very best online scratch card promotions and bonuses, but every so often we do have to hit you with some bad news. Though this bad news is usually as silly as a site removing the no deposit bonus, we have the news of something a lot more serious!

Recently we have heard news that the online gaming software company Pariplay and the company that is responsible for these sites, AffStars, have been failing to pay their affiliate partners and publishers. Affiliate sites are sites like this that advertise and support brands, and it is sites like us that are being hit hard by this refusal to pay. Of course we are not the only ones, which leads us to believe that perhaps Pariplay and Affstars are currently falling on hard times, resulting in them being unable to honour their commitments. But could there be another, more sinister reason for this? And should the fans of Pariplay sites like Scratch Games, Scratchos and Mega Money Games be fearing for their cash? It is not unheard of for rogue websites and companies sidling cash from their players and refusing to pay out, only to disappear without notice. This has happened to even some of the biggest online gaming sites in the world, and fans have been left out of pocket – sometimes for thousands of pounds.

If Pariplay/Affstars sites are now refusing to pay their affiliates and publishers, could they soon be refusing to pay their players? Now refunds and no cashing out will be offered if – as is our suspicions – Pariplay and Affstars go under, so you have been duly warned players: opt out of Pariplay sites whilst you can.

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