Wintry Wonderland Scratch Game at Mecca Bingo

Published on July 2, 2012 at Scratch Cards Games

Mecca Bingo offers a large range of online bingo games and other online games, including online slots and online scratch cards. The Wintry Wonderland scratch card game from Mecca Bingo gives players a scratch card game with a progressive jackpot and a cool snowy theme.

In order to play the Wintry Wonderland scratch card game, players simply need to buy a scratch card. After choosing your stake, you simply scratch the scratch card panels by using the computer mouse. Matching three symbols means a win, but matching the three Present symbols means a jackpot win. In order to win the progressive jackpot, players need to stake the maximum amount of £5. If a player has placed a smaller stake, they will only win a percentage of the progressive jackpot amount. Other symbols that are found in Wintry Wonderland are the Wooly Hat, Ice Skates, Holly, a Fireplace, a Snow Globe, a Log Cabin, and a Snowman.

The Wintry Wonderland progressive scratch card jackpot is always reset to £15,000. The jackpot amount increases based on the stakes that were made on the previous day, with the amount being updated at midnight each night. The size of the Wintry Wonderland progressive jackpot is shown on the game. The jackpot amount will fluctuate according to wins or partial wins. The jackpot size is reduced by any wins that take place, however, should a partial win take the jackpot to an amount that is less than £15,000, it will be reset to £15,000 again.

To have a shot at winning, simply log into your Mecca Bingo account, place your stake, and use your computer mouse to scratch the panels. Uncover any three matching symbols and you will win a percentage of the Wintry Wonderland progressive jackpot.

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