Hopa.com Releases Brand New Quick Play Game

Published on May 15, 2012 at Scratch Cards Games

New games are part of the fun and excitement of online gaming and Hopa.com has released a new game to keep you on your toes. The Quick Play game is a fast action game that will give you plenty of fun and excitement with lots of chances to win.

quick play scratch game

The game, based on classic quick draw lottery games that will be familiar to anyone who has played national lotteries around the world, offers real time action in a fast and exciting style.

When you play the Quick Play lottery game at Hopa.com, a total number of 36 balls will be available in each game. Six balls will be drawn from those 36 every 60 seconds and will be compared with the numbers on your ticket.

Each ball is marked with a number (1-36) and a color (green, red or yellow). Before the game begins, you are able to place three different types of bets on the outcome of the draw. Betting categories include numbers, colors and sum.

When betting on numbers, click on six numbered balls on the screen and register a bet. When betting on colors, select from more balls in one specific color being drawn, no balls in a specific color being drawn, no dominant color of balls drawn, the first three balls being one color and the last three balls being another color or all the balls being drawn in one color.

If your numbers match the numbers of the six balls that are drawn you could win the major jackpot prize of £200,000.

Quick Play will join the more than 100 games that are already available at Hopa.com. Sign up to try your hand at this new scratch game or any of the other available games.

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