Scratch Card Safety

Fairness: Online Scratching is quite simply one of those industries where being fair is a MUST, otherwise no one will use the services provided. The companies that provide the Scratch Card games are respectable businesses, it costs them a lot of money to host the services and build the software, these are not crooks. They want you to win so that you will tell your friends how much fun you had playing and winning their scratch card, then hopefully your friends will come and play online too.

Many offline game providers and scratch card companies say that their games are ‘fair’. What does that mean though, Is it fair to the players and the people like you and I who enjoy these games and want a to know the probability of winning, or is it fair to the companies that make and sell the cards and who want to make as much profit from us as they can?

When it comes to instant win scratch cards online (and other online games) fair has to be much more than it does in the offline world. Fair has to means excellent payouts and win rates, otherwise you wont come back and the online instant win scratch card industry will fail. Its about fair to the customer and rewarding the people who are willing to take a chance and play our games, so its FAIR is to reward them and reward them well!

Security: We live in a high tech world where trillions of pounds and dollars are moving through the internet every day for big business, and for individual people. Would it be possible if money transfers and other data transfers were not totally secure?  The answer to this is of course NO.

The technology and encryption used by security providers are so impossible to hack that even with hundreds of years not even the fastest of supercomputers would be able to get at your information or account.

Your Safety: Think about this, which is safer? Sitting in the comfort, security and privacy of your own home or standing in the street outside a petrol station.  Where would you prefer to be scratching?

Would you prefer to take your winning lottery ticket (possibly worth thousand of pounds) to the local corner shop that sold it to claim your prize, or to make a few clicks on the providers website and have the prize transferred into your account without leaving the safety and warmth of your home?

In online Instant Win games such as Scratch Cards it is impossible to lose a winning ticket and it is impossible to drop your ticket and have the wind blow your money away.

Licensing: You don’t need to be an expert Internet surfer to find safe and secure sites to play online games. Anyone who tells you; “It is hard”, “It is difficult” or “It’s unsecure”, does NOT know what he/she is talking about. In fact, money transfers from gaming sites to your bank accounts or “virtual wallets”, and vice-versa, are perhaps the most secure actions you can do online!

Of course choosing the right site is something you still should use some of your time on.

All of the sites carried on are licensed by the official national bodies so you can be sure that they are not cowboys trying to rip you off. The licenses information is normally show on the from page of any online scratchcard site.

Licenses provided by Gibraltar, Malta and UK Gambling Commission are considered to be the most regulated and over watched. In other words, sites that are under these licenses are the most safe and secure.